Ikattan – Studies and Advice has extensive experience in studies and training on electrical networks (transmission, distribution, isolated), working for grid operators, independent power producers, and electrical project developers.

Ikattan – Studies and Advice offers four series of high quality training courses to share its wealth of knowledge and develop your skills.

  • Training on electrical network studies: static, short-circuit, dynamic.
  • Training on the integration and connection studies of renewable energies: impact, renewable energy connection requirements (diagrams, PQ, UQ, power quality, etc.), and maximum hosting capacity of renewable energies.
  • Training on smart grids: advanced network management functions.
  • Training on methods and algorithms for electrical network optimization.

Technical Analysis – Due Diligence of a 120 MW Wind Farm

BG Ingénieur Conseils, Suisse

Technical Study on the Insulation Coordination of an HVDC Link

SuperGrid Institute, France 

Modeling of electricity storage needs for STEG (Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas) – GIZ

Energynautics GmbH, Tunisie